Friday, April 2, 2010


Thursday was my last day teaching my 4h4 class, and it went really well. My overseas coordinator also observed me. Since I had chocolate eggs to hand out to students, the students participated and I kept their interest. First time ever. Ha.

I also took class pictures today. My camera is acting up, and the pictures aren't coming up clear. :( 

The 5th years had a review today for their upcoming English reading comprehension exam. 

I was also super tired today because I wasn't able to sleep last night. I took a nap again that turned into 3 hours and I was up late at night. :(

Oh yeah, with my support class, I didn't play games with them, and the lesson turned out well. It seemed that they learned a lot which is always exciting. 

I also went home with Magdalena for the religious group get together every Thursday. Karen wasn't there so the group seemed so little. We had a great discussion about discipleship, and it was great like always. God loves me and He's so good to me. We all made plans for next week about how we can be closer to God. 

Magdalena also ordered Chinese take out, and for 25 euros, we got tons of tons. Magdalena's kids were adorable like always. They invited me to go to church with them on Sunday for Easter. I'm a bit nervous about attending another church, but they have translations in English so I would know what is being said. 

My group planned out a goodbye dinner for me at a Wok Restaurant. I'm pretty stoked. :)

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