Thursday, April 8, 2010


Oops. Completely forgot about updating my blog.

Time to catch up on Toni Rose's life! :)

> did absolutely nothing
> almost everything was closed because it's considered 2nd day of Easter

> went to The Hague with Annemarie, my mentor teacher
> weather was absolutely beautiful
> took a walk around The Hague, saw the government buildings and the royal palace, went through China Town, window shopping, had coffee and apple pie (least favorite apple pie), grabbed lunch at Dudok, and grabbed a beer at a terrace (white beer/wine beer?) I really need to check my hearing
> spent 7 hours with my mentor teacher - realized how much I'm going to miss her
> great day
> packed just to see if everything will fit - have to buy a box to ship back to the US
> Mom makes me laugh. :)

> Ashton's last day at school
> worked on my COST portfolio, almost finished
> met with the two girls that I tutor - very motivated and determined to do well in their English writing exam (love those kinds of students!)
> bought a box to send to the US - TNT post employees aren't very much help
> celebrated Ashton's last day with apple pie and ice cream - (ate this instead of meeting with my personal trainer)
> felt really sad and lonely for some odd reason
> talked to Anthony's mom to wish her a happy birthday
> my madre is awesome :)
> started reading "A Thousand Spledid Suns"
> I love reading :)
> applied for an English teaching position at one of the schools here
> a teacher, Roger, is so helpful when it comes to looking for a job here :)

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