Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tuesday: Fun

1. Got to school early and looked forward to sitting in for the English verbal exam - ended up not making it in the morning 
2. Helped Magdalena grade papers
3. Got my scrapbook turned into an actual book - yay.
4. Taught my last Tuesday session
5. Watched a play by the 6th years - they annually put a play together about a Greek myth and make a modern story - it was very entertaining - a bit promiscuous and I was shocked - but completely entertaining although it was all in Dutch
6. Had a class with the 5th years
7. Individual tutor with Rick so that he can practice his verbal skills - he wants to meet again 
8. SCMS principal emailed me
9. packed my other suitcase - my luggages can weigh 23 kg and both are under and I still have an extra carry on bag that's empty. yay. 
10. tried to wash clothes but stupid washer took my money - hate this building I call apartment
11. My parents are the greatest. :) I can never say that enough. 
12. I can't believe that Friday is my last day at school. :(

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