Friday, April 9, 2010


Today was so much fun and relaxing! It reminded me just how much I love teaching and why I do what I do. 

I got emotional today because I'm so torn about coming back to the US and having discussions that might just change my life. I lost sight of God, and pushed him to the side. Therefore, I started to worry about everything, but He gave me a sign that reminded me everything will be okay. How I love how He works. 

Anyways, I cycled to school. The weather was gorgeous. The only reason I came to school is because the girls I tutor took their English writing exam today, and they wanted to meet with me before their exam. 

After I met with one of the girls, I felt rewarding. Her English was much better than it was. She wrote three letters for me, and the third one had very little mistakes! I'm so proud of her. The other girl couldn't come because she was studying for her History exam. I really hope they did well. 

I worked on my portfolio, almost done! After the meeting with Seyma (my student), I had nothing else to do so I decided to hang out with the concierges because it's been a while. We sat and talked about everything, and I really do enjoy talking to them. They all have many stories to share, and I love listening to them! 

I also got my scrapbook printed which was awesome! I love the color printer here and all the cool stuff that the concierges can do with the printer! 

Then, I had a long talk with my 4h4 boys about everything and anything. I enjoy talking to those boys, and they make me smile with their silly comments. They always make sure to greet me when they see me and they also huddle around me. They keep telling me to stay and how much they'll miss me. 

I'm so frustrated with the service here in Rotterdam. I shipped a box to the US and the post office didn't have tape, stuffing, and didn't take credit cards. It was upsetting, and it cost me a lot of money. :(

I'm broke, and I still have to go to Poland and Romania. Uh-oh. 

I cooked dinner! I had spanish rice, meat, and mushrooms. It was great. I really like cooking.

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