Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nether-Amsterdam - chill

On Friday night, I only got 4 hours of sleep. I've been having problems sleeping, and I'm not quite sure why. 

I woke up early to get ready for Amsterdam on Saturday morning. I cycled to the station while Ashton took the tram. There was a special in ticket sales. If you travel in two, you can buy a return ticket for 45 euros and you can travel anywhere as much as you want for that day. It was a sweet deal.

When we got to Amsterdam, the clouds were already threatening to pour rain on us. For 10 minutes, it held up, but then it started raining, and that was how our day went. We went souvenir shopping first so that I can go ahead and get that out of the way. Then, we went to several museums in Amsterdam using our Museum Card. We went to The Old church, The New Church, Amsterdam Historical Museum, Biblical Museum, Foam_Fotografiemuseum, Museum Geelvinck, Jewish Historical Museum, Museum Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder, and The Willet-Holthuysen Museum. We didn't get to go to Van Gogh because it was so far away and the rain was really killing us. 

We picked up plenty of brochures, and loaded up on information and maps. In the Amsterdam Historic Museum, there was a Red Light District Exhibition which was so interesting.  This guy tried to hit on me while we were looking at pictures that dealt with porn and nudity. It was awkward. (It does amaze me how open The Netherlands is about sex. I kinda wish it was like that in the US.) The Old Church was massive but not that impressive inside. The New Church was used for exhibitions. The shopping mall was breath-taking.  there was rain and sun at the same time. We ate at McDonalds for lunch, and I grabbed KFC before we went home. So American, but I can't help it. 

We also went grocery shopping at Albert Heijn since it'll be closed for Easter and the second day of Easter which is Monday. Then, we grabbed coffee (hot chocolate for me) and Dutch apple pie at illy. I'm absolutely in love with the apple pie, I cannot say that enough. On our walk back to the central station, we were caught in heavy rain and hail! Needless to say, we were soaked when we got in the train. We also rode first class (b/c of the ticket) and a guy commented on me eating fried chicken with bare feet. (I had to take off my shoes and socks because they were soaked and the ride was an hour and 15 minutes long. I didn't want to be uncomfortable!) 

I rode my bike on my way home, and it sprinkled a little. I ate my leftovers and went to bed. I finally finished the book, Catcher in the Rye. I'm not sure how I feel about it, though. The use of the curse word, 'gd' bothered me way too much to enjoy the book. Oh well. 

I was exhausted and didn't feel good at all. I got ready to go to church since it is Easter! However, after I got dressed, I looked outside and it was raining. My only transportation is bike and I would be soaked by the time I arrive at church, so instead I prayed and did the Catholic sermon myself. It lasted 30 minutes instead of an hour like it would at church. 

I was also supposed to go to Magdalena's church today, but I wasn't feeling well. I also had this feeling that it would be a bit like betraying my church if I went to another church that wasn't Catholic. I dunno, I'm weird. 

The rest of the day was spent organizing and updating my life. I talked to my wonderful parents. Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this Women's Leadership Institute that I was accepted in because I don't have $500 to pay for it. Finances are really stressing my parents out, and I wish I could help out. My dad kept apologizing for not being able to give me money. It's not their fault...

I organized my souvenirs also. Man, I have a lot of souvenirs and I still have to buy just a couple more. Er. I still have Poland and Romania to go to. :) 

I also started working on updating my scrapbooks. I just chose the pictures from my junior year and there's 415 pictures. Whoa. 

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